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I just remembered that I didn't do this so here's a heads-up: I'm changing journals. If you still want me on your friend's list then please add coelispex. If not, well that's okay too.

Wate. Wut?

I don't want to believe that this is a real news story, but it looks like even CNN is reporting on the fact that Bush seems to want to do everything he can to ruin the country entirely before he finally leaves office - this time by trying to get a plan passed that defines birth control and IUDs as abortions.

Honestly, is he serious? Can he BE this horrible? Even putting aside my feelings on women's rights - what about the women like me who have to use birth control to help regulate their period (and for general health issues which fall under the umbrella of having PCOS)? Sure, the bill wouldn't make birth control illegal but it would make it hard as hell to get any insurance company to help defray the cost - which leaves poor people like me in a very unhealthy place. What could Bush be thinking with this - aside from to give handjobs to the religious right who supported him and got him where he is? I know Bush has been continually giving the country the finger (especially in the last few months) but I can't believe the brass balls on this idiot. Fortunately, I believe that there are enough wise people out there to shoot this down before it can see the light of day.
Oh, Pennsylvania, I have never been more proud of your high schools than I am at this very moment.

Disclaimer: Not really the hometown I grew up, Hazleton was more where I attended college for a few years - and where my cousins and maternal grandmother lived. I think it should be enough to simply say that this does not surprise me. Not in the slightest.
Going to be incommunicado for a while.

So bye.

Jul. 29th, 2008

For those who missed it the first time (shame, shame!) Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is up on Hulu for free - with a few commercial interruptions but it's still all there in one big chunk.

So enjoy!
I can't believe that I didn't realize that LJ supports moodthemes on plus accounts.

Oh well. At least I know better now?
Der Joss,

You break my heart and make me very, very sad.

...yes, yes. I will still keep watching whatever you put out Plz can I has more Niel Patrick Harris in your future endeavors? And a plastic rocketship?

Reluctant love,



So, as I do every morning, I check my gmail only to see a big "CONGRATULATIONS" email from Figure Prints. Naturally, I go all squee all over it thinking I'm going to get a free Figure -- and then I actually read the email and realize that I have to pay $99.95 for it.

...it's still cool but there's no way in heaven or hell that I'll be able to afford that and it does seem a bit exorbitant for a little plastic figurine. Alas.

I guess the "good human" thing for me to do would to be to see if anyone wants my place, huh?


Jul. 16th, 2008

Finally got to see the first episode of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and I have to admit that I'm very impressed with what Joss can do with a fairly small production budget. Honestly, it's a lot funnier than most sitcoms I've seen on television (so far, anyway) and it must already have a huge following, if just for the fact that the site crashed all of yesterday.

Anyway, Nathan Fillion is brilliant in his part, much as he is with any cocky character (see here: Reynolds, Maclom - in fact the one line near the end, in the way it was read and delivered, reminded me VERY much of said fictional character) but I think Neil Patrick Harris really sold it for me. Probably due to the fact that I have a thing for the fumbling, bumbling science nerds, but Doctor Horrible really amused me - and I just loved some of the little facial tics and excess blinking added in.

Seriously cannot wait for the next act to go up - even if I have to wait an extra day because the servers are overloaded.



...I know.

I know the website is probably just overloaded from all the people trying to watch the first episode, but that still doesn't stop me from making sad/angry face over the fact that I can't see it.

[eta] Oh, lawl. There's a Captain Hammer comic online. FTW.


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