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Running With Scissors

...it seemed like such a good idea

The Pineapple from Heck
16 October 1979
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I am mighty! I have a glow you cannot see! I'm a heart as big as the moon, as warm as bathwater! We're superheroes, man! We don't have time to be charming! These boots were made for walking! We're watching the big picture, friend. We know the score. We are a public service, not glamour boys.


I'm a girl. Just a girl. Nothing special. Nothing new. I'm currently jobless and looking. I will work for strawberries. I'm a wannabe artist. I like music but I cannot play or sing to save my so-called soul. I like bad 80s music. I like videogames and anime. I am currently very obsessed with Bartholomew Fatima from Xenogears. I am trying to learn to sculpt. I am a dork. I like fiction far too much. I write but not very well. I am learning to be happily plural and to be consciously social. I have love and I am content.

N---[f;m/f]S.H A(b r/--/A+++!!} On/r W^/# Cc++ I- OF- past/ppsi/pspi! F#/pk T+#^ Xb(g/a) Ju~ Do R C++ So-

Awesome Dr. Horrible mood theme is courtesy of maedinn and ganked with all my might.


I'm a geek and therefore I like to do creative things online. I'm very far from being talented at any of them, but they're a way to unwind and to get my ideas out there.

<> guilty_souls is where I store whatever icons I have made. They're far from being the best you'll find around, but they are mine.

<> I'm also currently writing 30 drabbles for Bart Fatima at lyrical30 I'm currently 2/30.

<> I have a scrapbook writing journal on Greatestjournal but most of what I put up there can be found on my FFN account.

Roleplaying Division:

These are the games and characters I'm currently playing online. These are only the active ones as there are a few I haven't touched in quite a time.

Ergheiz Etic: Bart Fatima || Locke Cole || Setzer Gabbiani

FFAU: Gippal ||Lulu || Setzer

Reality Bites: Baralai || Kadaj


100x100, 7-11s, adam sessler, allen ridgely, allenxshion, annoying chinese waiters, anthropology, apollo, art history, bad 80s music, baralai, bart fatima, being eggsalad, big beakers, bitching, black adder, british humor, bruce campbell, bunnies, cartooning, cereal, chocolate covered strawberries, cielo, clamp, cosplay, curtis stone, doctor who, dr. eyepatch, drawing, drawn together, dresden dolls, drunk link, eddie izzard, emo sprinkles, engrish, evil toasters, fandom bitching, final fantasy, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, ford prefect, foxes, freezepop, gippal, gormenghast, green wing, hats for clowns, history, hitchhiker's guide, house, iconing, icons, innuendo poisoning, isosceles, jack x hanpan, jailbait, jhonen vasquez, jr, julian rhind-tutt, justin hartley, katamari damacy, kindgom hearts, knife and spoon fights, madness, mandragora porn, marian catholic high school, micah, mythbusters, ninja, orson scott card, passions, perfect hair forever, photography, plurality, plurals, queer one-eyed assassins, queer one-eyed priests, rah, rain, rain worship, random psychic ninja sensei, randomness, reel big fish, rocko's modern life, roleplaying, sara douglass, sculpting, sculpture, sewing, shaun of the dead, shin megami tensei: nocturne, shonen-ai, silent hill, simon pegg, sketching, slash, sleeplessness, smoothie ninjas, squishees, summit hill, taser ninja, tasers, that doesn't belong here, the dark tower, the postal service, the producers, the soup, the undead, the young ones, tim burton, toast sculpture, towel fights, tripping the rift, undead sex, water, water worship, wayfarer redemption, weebl and bob, white bear, white bear hotel, wicked, wild arms, wolfstar sunsoar, world of warcraft, wow, writing, xandir, xenosaga, yami no matsuei, yaoi, zombie mary sues, zombie ninja, zombies